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Puppy Nurse Program

The Puppy Nurse Program

Lexi specializes in early development training – Puppies!  She believes that by putting the time and effort towards training during the first year, you capture and imprint good behaviors that lead to raising a well-mannered dog. Avoid future behavior issues that require added expense and excess time; not to mention frustration. Lexi will teach you everything you need to know about bringing your new pup home and show you how to handle the first few challenging months, so you don’t lose your mind through stages like house-breaking, crate training, and chewing.

Lexi acts like a “baby nurse” – only for puppies. She will help figure out a schedule that works for your lifestyle, spend time assessing your puppy’s personality and energy levels so she can begin to curb unwanted behavior early while channeling your puppy to be calm, sweet and sociable. She will help guide your puppy to become a well-mannered dog; free of annoying behavior(barking, nipping, jumping, aggressive, etc) - the problem dog that drives you insane. Lexi knows how to focus the puppy’s energy so owners don’t have a ball of wild on their hands at the end of the day. And, she'll educate you about how to keep your puppy safe and healthy during this fragile period before they are fully vaccinated. Bringing home a new puppy is a handful – but, Lexi will offer you support throughout.

Basics training MUST begin from the first day Puppy comes home at 8 weeks through the entire first year - and beyond. Which is why it's so important to set the foundation for good dog behavior early on. Do this, and you won’t wind up with problems later! By being consistent and diligent – Lexi's Puppy Program promises your puppy will become a WELL-MANNERED DOG; fulfilling the vision you have always had of owning a good, happy, healthy dog.

Puppy Nurse Package

Six months of in-home day care:  This program is designed for busy owners who do not have the time or patience to follow-through on the basic training a young puppy requires, but, who would like a well-mannered dog.

The idea behind the Puppy Nurse Program is to provide premium training and care during formative growth months, so your puppy learns correct fundamentals in a safe and consistent environment. The first 6 months owing a new Puppy requires constant supervision, nurturing, and positive training based on the developmental stages of a young dog. It’s during these phases that owners often become frustrated with common things like house-breaking, chewing, unfocused energy, and more. Owners can easily become exhausted and frustrated often giving up on the process just when the pup needs the guidance the most. By hiring the best – you create a fun, learning environment where you are guaranteed your puppy will be taken care of with 100% precision.

Beginning two weeks before the puppy even comes home, Lexi will handle all preparatory aspects, and teach owners how to avoid accidentally allowing or rewarding bad behavior - where most common adult dog issues stem from. With the combination of maternal love and firm training, Lexi will teach your puppy to be gentle, kind and full of personality. During the first three months when puppies are not allowed to go outside, or go to day-care because their vaccination series is not complete; Lexi or her trusted partner will handle everything. She will prepare puppy by instilling training fundamentals, so upon graduation your dog will be well-mannered and socialized - ready for day-care, dog parks, walks, and more.

Please call for pricing. Puppy Nurse Programs are customized based on clients schedule and needs. 

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