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Lifetime Programs

Charming Dog Academy

This is a yearly program designed for clients whose puppys' have graduated from Lexi's Puppy Nurse Program and or Boot camp programs and are now in need of daily day care. Our Private School For Charming Dogs is  state of the art canine care and education program offering structured learning, discipline through a fun and positive approach, safe socialization and play, as well as sports and agility training. Together, this approach gives a premium quality of life for your dogs when they are not at home with you. By continuing with Lexi's custom curriculum (subsequently not offered any where else) your dog will continue to grow and evolve even further into a great dog with passion, drive and focus. Never again will you have to orchestrate dog walker scheduling, pet sitter availability and or fear that your dog is depressed when away from your side. Lexi will provide supervision, stimulation, training, care, and fun dog adventures that you and your pet require to feel safe and happy -everyday. In addition to daily care, Lexi will maintain vet scheduling and follow-up appointments. 5 days a week a qualified staff trainer will pick your dog up between 8 - 9 am and return them at the end of each school day between 5-6 pm. Charming Dog Academy's doors are open 24/7/365 so please call ahead for reservations for general admission and special Holiday reservations.

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Lifetime Program

The Lifetime Program is designed for extremely busy families and owners who would like to have the joy of owning a dog without all of the daily work that comes along with running a dogs daily routine. Lexi will travel to your household to create a customized dog protocol program that flows with the rhythms of your lifestyle. She will work with your dog or puppy while also meeting with all members of the family and household staff to ensure that each person is maintaining and handling the dog with a singular approach. Dogs can quickly be confused if they are being taken care of by multiple people that do a slightly different routine. This can make the housebreaking process take longer which can result in disruptions, frustrations, and confusion for everyone involved. During her stay, Lexi will analyze your dog within the flow of the household to create the ideal dog program for your lifestyle. Lexi will personally meet with each staff and/or family member to train the humans how to feel comfortable offering discipline and boundaries while consistently seeing the dogs routine through each and every time.

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